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  • Stephen Levy

We Are Moving!

Hello everyone!

I am excited to announce that my practice, Soaring Health and Wellness, is moving to a new location. Don't worry, you won't have to go far to find me as I will be just 5 blocks down the road and located within Awakenings Wellness Center which is a community made up of a variety of healthcare practitioners.

The exact dates of the move are between 3/15/22 and 4/1/22. During this 2 week period of transition I will not be able to see patients or manage patient care in any way as I will have my hands full physically and electronically moving the practice and establishing new reception services and scheduling services.

Yes, there will be some changes and adjustments to how the clinic operates on a daily basis, but you can expect the same personalized and professional healthcare from me. Of course, I will also do my best to help address any challenges that arise for you throughout this transition.

One change is that there will be no in-person reception at Awakenings. All reception will be virtual. This means that if you call the clinic a remote receptionist will answer your call. They can schedule you for an appointment, enter new data into your Electronic Records such as new insurance information, take a payment, etc. They can also relay a message directly to me that you may have. Having said that, if you have a message or quick question for me, the fastest and most efficient way to reach me will be through the Charm Portal and this is my preferred means of connecting with you.

Another important change is that at Awakenings, the waiting room is still currently closed due to the pandemic and although many businesses will be opening their doors and going with optional only masks, as a healthcare facility the pandemic restrictions remain, masks are still required and waiting rooms are still limited in capacity. When you arrive at Awakenings, you can wait on the covered porch to be let in to the building by me at your appointment time. Please help us reduce the number of folks in the building by leaving additional loved ones not being seen that day at home or in the car if age appropriate. Hopefully this restriction will be ending soon and the waiting room will be open to all, but for now help us keep others safe in the office.

Furthermore, I want to alert everyone that I will still be using Charm Health as the electronic records and patient portal. However, because I am migrating out of the Portland Natural Health account and establishing my own Soaring Health and Wellness account, everyone will need to sign up again for the patient portal. To that end, your chart will be electronically migrated over to my practice by 3/24/22 and everyone will then be sent an invitation from Charm to sign up for the portal. Please sign up promptly after the invitation so we can once again easily communicate and you can schedule online.

Lastly, after 4/1/22, to schedule appointments, you can call the new office number below, request an appointment through the Charm portal, or you can go to my new website which is listed below and schedule through the link on that website.

Best wishes,

Dr. Levy

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